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Through satellite TV, our programs are reaching the private living rooms of families that otherwise may never have heard the Gospel

Although satellite dishes are banned in Iran, it is estimated that 30 million people have access to satellite TV. Both believers and non-believers watch Christian TV. The evidence of response rates to Christian programming indicates that significantly large numbers of viewers, (likely more than one million), watch Christian TV programs

There are many powerful testimonies offered by people who have come to know the Lord through satellite TV. The positive response to the programs is highly significant. Examples of this are shown in some of the clips that can be found under the “testimonies tab”. For those people who have given their lives to Christ in many Islamic countries, Christian TV is often the only source of Bible teaching and their sole connection to the church. These people watch satellite TV Christian programs faithfully in order to learn more about the Gospel and to grow spiritually

We also produce and air educational TV programs and teleconferences that teach viewers how to start and grow home-based churches and teach basic Christian doctrine. In addition to our TV program on the Persian Christian TV stations, we have also intentionally chosen to have our programs air on the secular Iranian satellite TV stations in order to reach those people who would not normally watch the Christian TV stations. This is our way of reaching people who would not actively reach out to Christianity on their own and who represent the majority of the people in Iran. The response to this programming has been very encouraging based upon the number of phone calls we receive and the statistics we've obtained.

When people convert to Christianity through our TV programs in Iran, we provide their names to the Iranian underground Christian organizations and churches. These groups have well-trained and dedicated members who connect with and visit the new converts in order to help them with the growth of their faith and to provide any support they might need.